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The Reno Lads, renovation in toowoomba

         ALL BEGAN...

Fed up and tired about hearing of the doom and gloom of the Great Australian Dream being a long-lost dream. Nels (the Aussie) and Bados (the Kiwi) have taken the plunge by dipping their toes into property development and home renovations to share their story and help others achieve their dream... home ownership! 

Nels, a full-time creative with zero building expereince and Bados, the corporate banker with a sharp financial mind, conceived #TheRenoLads over a few too many bevies as a challenge to push the lads and help them achieve their goal = financial freedom.

 The Reno Lads are here to share their ups and downs, tips and tricks on home design, renovations, interior design, property finance and realestate tactics so you too can become a Reno Lad (or Lass) to achieve your own dream. 

Grab your spirit level, hammer and tool belt and let's build, renovate and inspire together. 


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*We may think we have the answers to everything, but we're certainly not experts. Always seek independent advice when undertaking projects*

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